Culinary Arts

Culinary Students Prepare Meal

Culinary Arts provide students with instruction in basic food and bakeshop production, nutrition, management training, service skills, human relations, and menu development, utilizing the ProStart program developed by the National Restaurant Association Education Foundation.

Hello Future Culinarians!

Below is the flyer to order your uniforms for your Culinary Arts program at Sollers Point Technical HS. These uniforms can be ordered starting July 1 and have to be ordered NO LATER than August 4th,to ensure they arrive by the start of the school year. A full uniform is required for your CTE program and will look as follows (see flyer). This year, students are required to wear slip-proof shoes in the kitchen. You can purchase your shoes from any company you choose; however, we have shown an example of acceptable shoes sold on for $18. Please keep in mind uniforms are required in the kitchen.

Students will not be allowed to participate in labs until they have a full uniform.

Please reach out to
[email protected] with any questions regarding uniforms.

Uniform Ordering

culinary uniform ordering


Completion of the program prepares you for certification in the following areas:

  • SERVSafe
  • ACF’s Certified Junior Culinarian credential


Graduates from this program have a great start on these potential careers:

  • Chef
  • Sous Chef
  • Personal Chef
  • Food stylist
  • Caterer
  • Restaurant Manager/Owner



Grade 9

Grade 10

Grade 11

Grade 12

Culinary Arts



Technology Education

Culinary Arts 1

Culinary Arts 2

Culinary Arts 3

Culinary Arts 4

Culinary Arts 5

CWE or Dual Enrollment option


Course 1: Culinary Arts 1 #61.8010.
Course 2: Culinary Arts 2 #61.8020.0

Culinary Arts 1 and 2 - Foundations of Professional Cooking

These courses are the introduction to the fundamental concepts and techniques in the profession of culinary arts. It provides hands-on clinical experience through school-based enterprises, giving the students the opportunity to develop the technical skills required in future culinary and baking courses as well as the foodservice industry. Students will be introduced to professional standards of the industry, safety and sanitation procedures, knife skills, including handling and care, cooking processes and procedures, product identification, vocabulary and terminology, industry equipment, recipe costing and quantity adjustments. Students participate in demonstrations and group exercises to supplement their development of technical skills and knowledge.

Course 3: Culinary Arts 3 #61.8030.4 (H) 
Course 4: Culinary Arts 4 #61.8040.4 (H)

Culinary Arts 3 and 4 - Food Handling/Preparation

These courses continue to build on the foundation concepts and techniques from the culinary basics. Students will be instructed on the fundamental concepts, techniques, theories, ingredients, and methodologies involved in the preparation of basic menu items. Students rotate through food handling methods and techniques, portion control, costing, production, plating and garnishing of soups, salads, starches, vegetables, and entrees. Students participate in demonstrations, group exercises and school-based enterprises to supplement the students' development of technical skills and knowledge.

Course 5: Culinary Arts 5 #61.8050.4 (H)

Students apply their knowledge of professional techniques in culinary arts in cooking and baking to prepare advanced menu items and participate in culinary activities. 

*Program requirements are frequently updated. Please consult school for latest offering.

Program Statistics

ACF Certification Rate - 0%
Program Completion Rate - 100%
Positive Placement Rate - 100% (industry, continuing education, military)
Student Satisfaction - 100%


Chef Jeffrey Smith
Culinary Arts Teacher

I love teaching at Sollers because it is a small school with dedicated teachers and staff. It is a great place to share my passion for cooking with students. Culinary Arts is a great program to be in at Sollers Point. Students in Culinary Arts say, “ I wouldn’t trade my experience at Sollers for anything.” You get the opportunity to cook and eat the food you prepare in a state-of-the art kitchen. You will have new food experiences and learn how to run your own business.   After two years in the program you will be ready to start an exciting career in the food industry.

Culinary Student in Lab
Food Truck at the Auto Show
Culinary Student in Lab
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