Sollers Point Technical High will provide every student with rigorous, relevant, and culturally responsive instruction in order to provide a 21st century academic and career-technical education resulting in globally competitive students who are career and college ready.  Every student who attends Sollers Point will complete a technical program and earn an industry certification as a result of deliberate and exemplar teaching.

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 February 22- Parent/Teacher Conference Night @ 4 pm          
       March 17- 9th Grade Tech Visists, Periods 2/3 and 6/7                  
March 31- 3rd Marking Period Ends                                         

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Grading and Reporting Procedures 

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Dear Sollers Point Technical Families, 

BCPS has created an addendum for the Grading and Reporting Procedures Manual based on feedback from teachers, students, administrators, families, and additional stakeholders.  It is our intention through these recommendations to ensure: proper guidance from the BCPS Curriculum and Instruction offices on what should be included in the body of evidence, greater proportionality between assignment types that make up the marking period grade, and consistency between and among grade levels and departments within a school on re-do assignments. The enhancements will be included as Addendum A in the Grading and Reporting Procedures Manual ( to be implemented in the second quarter.  A summary of the changes that will occur at Sollers Point are listed below.

All instructors will implement a 67% Minor Assignment / 33% Major Assignment Gradebook model.


Major assignments = A combination of projects, extended labs, culminating performances, unit tests, performance tasks or performance-based assessments, extended essays, and research reports.
  1. Minor assignments = A combination of learning checks/quizzes, summative classwork assignments, summative homework assignments, exit tickets, brief constructed responses, and discussions.

  2. A learning check/quiz is a minor graded assignment that provides the teacher with information about learning during a brief interval of instruction (<=1 or 2 weeks).  These are given after instruction, practice, and feedback.  How often learning checks occur depends on the instructor and complexity of the content.

  3. Some classwork assignments may be scored and included as minor graded assignments in the graded section of the BCPS Learning Management System (LMS) if the following has occurred prior to a score being given:  1. Concept was taught by the teacher.  2.  Student was given an opportunity to practice.  3.  Feedback was provided to the student. 

  4. Some homework assignments may be scored and placed in the graded section of the BCPS LMS if it is a culminating activity following practice and feedback.

  5. A score on any one assignment may not drop the overall marking period grade by more than one letter grade.

  6. Assignments eligible for re-do will be denoted by parenthesis ( ) in the BCPS LMS.

  7. The window to re-do an assignment/assessment is two weeks.  After two weeks, the re-do window will close.  The two week window begins when the assignment is returned to the student with written feedback.

  8. A re-do for an assignment/assessment is available during the first 9 weeks of each marking period.

  9. Students must complete all missing assignments in the BCPS One LMS before a re-do will be given on an assignment/assessment.

  10. 1 re-do per eligible assignment/assessment is the recommended practice.  Eligible = ( ) in the BCPS LMS.

Our goal is to provide students with multiple opportunities to demonstrate mastery of grade level or course standards during each quarter of instruction.  We believe that every student who attends Sollers Point can be successful in their academic and technical program classes.

Finally, BCPS will unveil a new report card on Thursday, November 10th that includes grade, attendance, skills, and conduct information.  If you have questions or concerns about a grade, please call the school to schedule a conference with the teacher and a member of the administration.


Michael L. Weglein


Heat-Related Closure Procedures for Kenwood, Patapsco, and Overlea High Students

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BCPS Gives Microsoft Office 365 to ALL STUDENTS

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