Emergency Update 9/18/2018:  Overlea High is closed today (9/18/18) due to a water main break.  BCPS will provide bus transportation to and from Overlea High for co-enrolled Sollers Point/Overlea students. Parents/guardians are responsible for transporting their child to and from the overlea high bus stop.  Overlea students who are absent on 9/18/18 will be marked absent-excused in accordance with BCPS policy and rule and are entitled to makeup work.


Sollers Point Technical High will provide blended, responsive and data driven instruction in order to develop students who are career and college ready. Every Sollers Point Technical High student will complete a career and technical program and earn and industry certification or license. 

Sollers Point Transportation

The Sollers Point Bus Stops are the pick-up and drop off points for our students at the beginning and end of the school day.  The information is current as of September 5, 2018.  Although we do not set the stop locations and times, we will work to keep our families updated as we receive any changes. 

Active ASSAILANT Protocol

Baltimore County Public Schools staff and students will be trained this fall in a new protocol for responding to the unlikely event of an active assailant.  Traditional responses to this type of incident have been to lock down and wait for the police to arrive.  Case studies of several active assailant incidents have shown that using only this response resulted in an increase in casualties.  Baltimore County Public Schools in partnership with the Baltimore County Police Department is adopting the option-based “ALiCE” response protocol to assist those in harm’s way should this type of incident occur.  Individuals would respond based on information that they have at hand regarding the situation.  ALiCE stands for alert, lockdown, inform, counter, and evacuate.  These measures provide the knowledge and skills needed to make the best decisions available for the safety of students, staff, and visitors. 
Interim Superintendent White's Video Message to Parents about ALiCE
ALiCE Presentation with Notes
 Download (PDF)

Schoology-Our new LMS Beginning August 13th

We know how important it is for you to communicate with your child’s teacher(s) and access your child’s courses, grades, and assignments. Students and parents indicated the need for a program with a simple design, a mobile app, and seamless messaging. To that end, Baltimore County Public Schools is now using Schoology as our Learning Management System. 

Using Schoology, students will be able to submit assignments, review grades, join discussions, receive announcements and feedback, take tests, communicate with teachers, and more. As a parent, you will be able to easily view information on all of your children in BCPS schools. If you already have a myBCPS parent account, you will be able to access Schoology through BCPS One and the Schoology mobile app starting August 13. If you do not have a myBCPS parent account, you can sign up at  To learn more about Schoology - CLICK HERE!

PATAPSCO High/ HEAT RElated Closure FAQS

Patapsco High School and Center for the Arts is currently undergoing a major renovation.  Unfortunately, the renovation is not yet complete.  Because of this, Patapsco is one of 10 schools in the district that could be impacted due to the high temperatures and humidity that the National Weather Service is calling for this week.

The parents and guardians of co-enrolled Patapsco/ Sollers Point Technical High School students are encouraged to read through the frequently asked questions (FAQs) below for details about how your student may be impacted. 

    1. What locations are impacted?  The non-air-conditioned facilities (8 schools and 2 centers) are listed below.  Bedford, Berkshire, Colgate, Dundalk & Campfield Elementary schools and Catonsville Alt. Center, Dulaney, Lansdowne, Patapsco and Woodlawn High schools.

    2. How will I know if a non-air-conditioned school or center will be closed?  If a non-air-conditioned school or center will be closed, an announcement will be made to the media, on the BCPS Web site, and through a school messenger phone call the night before the non-air-conditioned facility is to be closed for the day.  Each day during periods of excessive heat, the Department of Facilities Management will review the predicted heat index for 11 a.m. for the following day.  If the heat index is predicted to be 90 degrees or higher by 11 a.m. the following day, a recommendation will be made to the superintendent to close the non-air-conditioned schools.

    3. Do magnet shuttle pick up and drop off stops continue as normal at non-air-conditioned schools?  Yes.

    4. How will Patapsco students who attend Sollers Point High School half-day programs get to Sollers Point in the morning or mid-day?  Students will receive transportation from Patapsco High School to and from Sollers Point.  However, students will be responsible for making their own way to and from the shuttle bus stop at Patapsco High School.  Since this school is officially closed, the normal transportation to and from Patapsco High School will not run.  Food will be available at Dundalk High School for students from Patapsco that would normally receive a meal at their home school.

    5. If a student from Patapsco cannot attend Sollers Point High School on a heat closure day, is it an excused absence?  Yes, the absence will be excused.  Teachers at Sollers Point will work with students related to lost educational opportunities.

    6. Will there be anyone at Patapsco High School in case a student needs assistance while waiting for shuttle to or from Sollers Point High School?  Yes, the school offices will be open, but students will need to have transportation home, as there will not be instruction at Patapsco high schools.

    7. What happens to BCPS afterschool athletic events?  Athletic events (practice and games) will proceed as scheduled.  However, students at closed schools will need to have personal transportation to their home school in order to get transportation to the athletic event.  Absences from athletic events (practice and games) on heat closure days are excused absences.  Athletic directors and coaches will assure that the absence is not viewed as punitive.  Coaches and teachers will monitor events as scheduled.

    8. What happens to afterschool programs and activities at the non-air-conditioned schools?  All afterschool programs and activities in closed schools will be cancelled.  

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